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  • RELIABLE: a company based on a “can do” attitude and passion.
  • INGENIOUS: it offers smart products and intelligent design.
  • ACCESSIBLE: accessibility in terms of price, use and adaptability.
  • VITAL: colourful and well-designed universe that dictates the style of Italian furniture.
  • Calligaris currently has 70 single-brand stores in major cities around the world including: Rome, Barcelona, Paris, London, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Washington and Miami.
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Ceramic stone tops that are scratch and impact resistant.
Porcelain surface does not absorb liquids, so it is stain and chemical resistant.
Fenix nanotech material for the worktops is anti-fingerprint, easy to clean and hygienic.
Extendable dining tables with easy sliding mechanism and self-storing leaves.
  • Ozzio was born in the Brianza area, at the beginning of the 1960s, one of the most fervent periods for design.
  • Currently a partner of quality-oriented Italian retailers, developing strong presence in international markets.
  • The company is organised to satisfy an important value in a typical contemporary life all around the world: lack of space and provides multifunctional solutions through beautifully designed furniture.
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Dynamic furniture pieces with multi-functional properties for the maximization of space.
Extendable and transformable tables with a simple, quick opening system.
High quality materials; tops resistant to scratches, seats easy to clean, and sturdy internal mechanism.
  • Aran kitchens are the most bought italian kitchens in the world, exporting to more than 120 countries in all 5 continents. Enduring the test of different climate variations.
  • The craftsmanship has been improved by a technological and qualitative industrial production among the most advanced in the world.
  • Every year more than 60.000 families choose Aran kitchens.
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Water resistant carcass.
Full extension and soft closing drawers and panels
Plastic Sink base bottom.
Removable plinth for easy cleaning.
Metal shelf bottom for glass.
ABS edge refined shelves.
  • Rosetto provides various collections for the bedroom that feature clean, contemporary forms. Shapes are used in new ways to enhance aesthetics and produce bold settings.
  • A company commited to sustainable, productive processes in order to maintain high quality and efficiency levels.
  • Rosetto offers a number of bedroom models, all having a variety of finishes where to choose from.
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Thermo-structured melamine guarantees long high quality standard.
Customised bedrooms to satisfy individual consumer needs.
Soft closing mechanism in all furniture pieces.
Storage space under bed with a hydraulic system.
  • 90% of raw materials come from the same area of manufacturing, thus conserving the Italian tradition.
  • Siloma works with the best companies in the furniture industry to ensure products of high quality that satsfy high technological standards.
  • Fine materials and skillful workmanship are used to make the product very durable and asthetically pleasing.
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Thermo-structured melamine resistant to scratches, stains and bumps.
Storage units for the bedroom for functionality while retaining design.
Soft closing drawers and hinges for main and kids bedrooms.
Non toxic paints used in all models.
  • Fine imported Italian mattresses using only high quality italian materials.
  • All the elements are designed by a team of experts to fulfill precise functions and meet the highest standards.
  • Over 40 years of experience guarantee the best and the safest solutions for a healthy and safe sleep.
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Open call foam maintains high levels of hygiene and it has hypoallergenic functions.
Memory Termofresh; an antibacterial and anti-moisture layer in the mattress.
High Density Foam provides comfortable and ergonomic back support.
Multi-fresh breathable system facilitates the passage of air around the mattress.
Sensitive pocket spring systems can adapt to any type of body size or stature.