“I bought an Ideacasa kitchen, complete with built-in appliances. Five years on it remains beautiful and the quality shows in its durability over such a long time. It still looks as great and feels as strong as the day it was installed.”

Ruth Agius

“It’s great when you talk to someone and they completely understand what you’re all about.”

Mr. Micallef

“I was so happy with Ideacasa and the way they interact with customers that I ended up taking the plunge and re-doing my whole apartment with them!”

Matthew Cassar

“The quality and style of the furniture were what sold me in the first instance. But then I was even more impressed when they actually came to set everything up.”

Mr. Abela

“I loved the way the staff at ideacasa offered not only the high quality furniture and extremely good service, but also some very useful advice”

Mr. Gerada

“I was very happy with the excellent product.”

Claire Grima

“I was immediately offered a free home visit; I was told that this is part of the regular service offered, but I was very surprised when the first house visit turned into multiple ones.”

Ms. Micallef